Breast Exercises for Firming and Lifting

If you are looking to lift and firm your breasts through exercise, the best way to achieve this is by  tightening up your pectoral muscles. While no breast exercises will yield miraculous results, as long as you have realistic expectations, you’ll be able to achieve the desired results within a few months.

Basic Breast Exercises

breast healthWhile there are no specific breast exercises for lifting your breasts, exercises that are aimed at tightening the pectoral muscles can help to lift and tone them. These exercises can improve slight sagging while also providing definition.

Most women would not list firm and strong pecs as an exercise priority; however, working out your chest is a great way to improve the appearance of your bust line. This type of workout is especially important if you have sagging, heavy breasts, since a stronger chest will provide more support.

For optimal results, try to work your pecs three times a week, allowing a day or two between workouts in order to give these muscles the chance to recover. For each exercise, aim for six to eight reps and three to four sets. If you’re new to exercising, then you may want to start out slow, working your way up in order to prevent injury.

Pushups are not cutting edge but they’re still among the best exercises that work the chest. All types of pushups will use body weight as resistance. Proper feet, head and hand placement is essential in order to prevent injuries. Wall pushups are a variation of the classic style of pushups and they’re just as effective. Correct placement of arms and proper form will help to prevent injuries.

If you frequent the gym then you should utilize the pec fly machine, which is a great machine for lifting and toning the breasts. At home you can do these breast exercises with a pair of dumbbells.

Here’s a short video that shows you how to do the chest fly exercise with dumbells :

Another popular breast exercise is the chest press :

Why Women Should Do Pec Exercises

Aside from breasts that are perkier, there are other reasons a woman should work out her pecs: like all types of strength training, working the pecs can boost your metabolism, which in turn will help to burn more calories, even when you’re not working out. This type of exercise will also help to improve your posture while reducing neck and back strain.

While the breast exercises above will give you the appearance of larger breasts (by lifting and firming your chest) to actually increase your bust by a couple of cup sizes, you need to combine these exercises with dietary changes and breast massage.


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